Wholesale Services

Spices Unlimited Inc. DBA, Sausage Industry Suppliers Co. (SISCo) is an ingredient supplier serving the meat processing and food service industry since 1948. We carry a variety of the finest spices and herbs. Let us prepare a custom recipe blend or mix your own proprietary recipe in our secure blending facility.  If you prefer, leave out your secret ingredient and let us blend the rest.
We offer the following services and products to commercial and butcher processors at wholesale prices:
~  Custom Blending or Proprietary Blends (25 lbs min – 1000 lb max per batch)
~  Bulk packaging or pre-measured packaging for convenience
~  Pickling, Brines and Cures
~  Individual spice Ingredients (50 lb min)
~  Unit Packing with SISCo Quick Cure
~  Oleo-resin and oil extract blending over dextrose
~  Paprika Emulsion (used for color)
~  Phosphates
~  Anti-Oxidants
~  Casings (Net = 2 Hanks)
~  Co-Packing available
Pricing adjustments apply to total order and individual quantities.  Spices are a traded commodity and fluctuate with the stock market.  We make every attempt to lock pricing with our suppliers on a quarterly basis.
Turn around time is typically 5 days to ship or less depending on blending size, batches and packaging.  Expedited processing is available.